Latest beta broke style copy paste

The latest beta broke the style copy(Ctr + Shift C) paste(Ctr + Shift V) function so now it doesn’t work at all. Which, of course, is irritating.

Thought I’d report it.


Thanks; seems to be the case for me as well. It was working in a pre-release build, so it must be a last minute regression.

Try going into the Keyboard tab of Tools>Options… and resetting the shortcuts to the Scrivener defaults (or just reassigning shortcuts for the Copy/Paste Font options). When I was checking this after another report it did seem to intiially not work, but after I’d done that the original shortcuts were fine again. Also note that it’s Ctrl-Shift-Y, not Ctrl-Shift-V.

Ah, thanks, that clears up the font paste—and I see now why ruler copy & paste didn’t appear to be working: line-spacing is a function of font copy & paste—that doesn’t seem right to me. Line-spacing should be a text attribute not a font attribute. It is a bit of a grey area though, I realise. It also appears that neither convey paragraph padding attributes.

Similar to this Paste & Match Style only works using menu command not keyboard shortcut. I am using a custom one of Ctrl + V for Paste and Match Style.

I’m not able to replicate the PaMS not working–did fiddling with the keyboard shortcuts fix it for you? I’ll try later on a fresh install to see if that makes a difference, since I know I reset the shortcuts once already for this installation and that may have adjusted something.

Also, to clarify, when you assigned Ctrl-V as the shortcut for PaMS, did you also change the shortcut for the regular Paste? If not, the shortcut won’t work for PaMS since it’s already in use. I assume you just swapped them or something, though, in which case your custom value should be fine.


I just swapped the shortcuts for Paste and Paste and Match Style. Resetting to default they work fine. Should I try customizing them again?

[b]Edit - Working now This is what I did.

  1. Changed PAMS to Ctrl + Alt + V since I knew Ctrl + Alt isn’t being used for shortcuts.
  2. Changed Paste to Ctrl + Shift + V
  3. Changed PAMS to Ctrl + V

In short I used Ctrl + Alt + V as a placeholder shortcut as that wasn’t being used in Scrivener to aviod conflict.[/b]