Latest Beta for Windows seems to work smoothly under Linux Mint+Wine

Just a note. Not sure which forum this should have gone in, but it’s really a Beta report. Whatever the team is doing with this latest beta new version, they’re doing it right from a Linux standpoint, I’ve just installed it under Wine (latest stable version) on Linux Mint Tessa and so far it’s performing like a champ.

I know Linux is officially unsupported, but the beta team might do a check at each beta change point just to see if something that’s happily going right suddenly breaks, just for their and our info. But so far so good, and here’s hoping. It will kill me to switch to Linux, as I’ve done, and not be able to take Scrivener with me.


What does this say, if anything, about running Scrivener on a Chromebox. I know little about Linux and do not own a Chromebox. Just would love to dump windows someday. I googled to discover that Mint is a version of Linux and Wine is a way to run windows software on Linux.

Thanks, Shelly

Scrivener Win is a Win program, so there is never any guarantee it will work under Wine, Crossover whatever. Any update to Scrivener or Wine etc could break that.
I always work on theory that if I have a program I ‘must’ continue to use, I keep one instance of the required operating system and don’t rely on luck. I’m here to work/enjoy, not be a Sysadmin and waste my precious time and temper trying to get a program to work under an o/s it’s not designed for.

That said, I do keep multiple o/s’s running under Parallels on Mac, just for fun and to remind myself how much superior Mac OS really is (IMHO) :smiley:

If it stops working under Wine, then I’ll run it in a virtual machine. If the VM stops working, I’ll go with another product or write my own. I’ve bought Scrivener for Windows, Mac, and iOs and I’d buy a Linux native one if I could, but they aren’t keeping the old Beta up to date with the other versions, so it’s what we got.