Latest Beta simply won't run. Crashes

Help! I downloaded the latest version today and it simply won’t run. I get as far as Create New Scrivener Project, give it a name, click on create then it simply shuts down Scrivener entirely. I am running Windows XP Pro SP3. Previous versions worked fine but I can do nothing at all with this. I am reasonably computer literate but not totally technical and would be grateful for any help.

Hi curryqueen,

Sorry for this! I saw your post over in the thread on the Multi-Project Crash, so are the workarounds in the initial post there working for you to at least get going with a project until the new beta’s out to fix this bug?

Hi Jennifer

I can open old (completed) projects but not consistently. I can’t open/create anything new so I’m a bit stuck at the moment. I guess I’ll have to be patient until this is fixed.

When you have a project open, try going into Tools>Options and in the General tab, setting Scrivener to open the most recent project on launch. Then next time you try to create a new project, use any template but “Blank” and after the crash, see if that newly created project is the one that opens when you launch Scrivener. It should work, but maybe you’ve already tried it.

New beta will be out in a couple days.

Thanks for that. I have already tried that get-around with no success. I guess I’ll have to be patient and after all, it’s only a few days.