Latest MacHeist Bundle

Yeah, it is pretty amazing. I knew a lot of people were holding back because TextMate wasn’t in the pot yet, but that was a lot more than I expected. The graphs went vertical.

Even if that $3 rumour is true, that is not all that uncommon – in fact that is a pretty good profit margin for a company that is currently engaged in heavy marketing, which they are. Many businesses operate with around that, or even less of a margin, all of the time.

It is untrue, in fact. Most, if not all, of the developers get a flat fee—gus mueller, developer of voodoopad, was offered $5,000—with no percentage. That’s why most people are upset, actually; the more copies they sell, the worse a deal it is for the devs, because all the extra profit is going right to the MacHeist folks. Which makes the “we want to do something nice for the developers” bit a touch disingenuous.

That would, of course, be a totally different story then.

Here are some good arguments on the issue: … _macheist/

– MJ

From what I understand, each developer has been paid a flat fee for including the software; they are not being paid a percentage of sales. I think this is where the problem seems to lie. … he_selfish