Latest saved text doesn't appear until search

Odd bug here, I think.

Late in my work session yesterday I corrected some mis-spellings in words underlined in red and also added a couple of paragraphs to the same document. Shortly thereafter I closed the project normally and backed up normally. No indication of any glitch.

But today when I opened the project and clicked the binder to get to that document, I discovered right away that those mis-spellings had NOT been corrected and those added paragraphs were not there. Figuring that I was losing my mind and that I had put those paragraphs somewhere else, I did a project search for a short phrase that I knew was in one of those paragraphs, and then, lo and behold, the search found the phrase, the paragraphs showed up right where they should be, and the mis-spellings had been magically corrected.

In other words, it was the earlier version of that document that showed up when I first opened the project, and the latest, corrected, saved version did not appear until the search found it. So nothing was lost but I had a few worrisome moments.

I suspect that Scrivener keeps more than one version of a document on hand when a save is done and that somehow the new version had not been properly registered in the binder. Perhaps I closed the project too soon after the final automatic save. Or something.

It may be relevant that I had two projects open yesterday and closed them both within a few minutes of each other. This is not my usual practice.

even more curious.

Turns out there were two identically-titled versions of that file in the binder. The older one, that came up first, and the newer, revised one , further down in the binder, that showed up only when the project search grabbed it. Both documents had all the correct child files in them.

So I’ve checked all the child files and carefully deleted the old version, and all seems to be well.

But I would like to know how and why this happened so that I can prevent it from happening again.

It’s possible that you hit Ctrl-D, which will duplicate a document and all of it’s sub-documents without realizing that you’ve done so.

I suppose that’s possible. I guess that would explain it. Absent any other explanation I guess I have to accept that one. Thanks for pointing it out.