latest update - problems

Encountering several problems (I’m a long-time user) with the latest beta update (Version: Beta (1196662) 64-bit - 09 Feb 2021):

  • Word count doesn’t work – just shows the same count no matter what; no word count at bottom of screen; if I hover over title window, I get a random word count (15,139 words) that never changes no matter where I am in the project (which is over 100,000 words)
  • Every time I open a section or a folder it reverts to corkboard or outline and I have to re-select page view
  • The Search function (upper left) is unreliable (and very awkward compared to the ‘old’ pre-beta version!)
  • After update, several ‘folder’ labels were changed to ‘file’ labels, which I had to manually re-label