Latest Update Unexpected Shutdown Composition Mode

I updated today. Now when I am in Comp mode for more than a few minutes the system shuts down. Usually I am just typing, not adjusting settings or anything.

Please help. Thanks.

By system do you mean your entire Mac? If so check System Preferences: Energy Saver, and click on the Schedule… button. If instead you mean Scrivener, then check in the General: Automatic Quit area of preferences.

Composition Mode itself would not have any direct bearing on shutdowns of any kind.

I apologize. I meant the entire Sciviner app. Not just comp mode.

I was going to try and uninstall and reinstall. Since I upgraded from v2. Do I have to install v2 first and do the upgrade?

Just download v 3

Automatically quit is not checked.

I reinstalled. It still quits unexpectedly. Regardless of comp mode.

Okay, well that sounds like you may be running into some kind of bug then. I’d go into the General: Warnings preference pane, and check off “Show internal error alerts”. That will give you an earlier notice if something goes wrong, that later leads to a crash. If you get a message, copy and paste the results into a PM to me, or send it directly to our support address.

Scrivner closes too quickly for me to see a message, Is there a log I could send in?

It’s unlikely there will be a log if you aren’t getting any feedback on quit or relaunch. But you can check in (in your Applications/Utilities folder), under ~/Library/Logs and then CrashReporter. If there is anything recent in there from Scrivener, it might be useful.

I solved the issue. This was not a Scrivener problem. It was a program I use called Red Quits. It turns the red button on a mac to a shutdown button. It was going haywire or something.