Latest WIN beta won't open file created in last beta

I just downloaded the new Beta, since when I tried to start Scriv I got the message the beta had expired on 9/30/19. I installed the latest Beta from the dowload page but when I try to open my project file I get a message that it can’t open the file because it was created using a newer version of Scriv than the one I’m using?!

The message says to click on “check for updates”. I did and it says I’m using the latest version.

Am I doing something wrong?

Did you uninstall the previous Beta before installing?

if you didn’t I’d wonder about that.

Have you tried going to the Help menu and checking for updates? I know of several programs that give a false ‘no updates’ from dialog boxes on occasion.

Exactly where did you download the new beta from? The main product page has the release version, not the beta, and that version won’t be able to open projects created by the beta.

The latest beta can be found here:


Thanks to both of you! That worked. I’d put a lot of work into that file so I waas worried I’d lose it.

Now you see the final 3.0 won’t open files created in a beta like mine? So how do we open them when 3.0 comes out?

The final 3.0 release will use the same project format as projects created with the current beta. It will also open projects created with the current release version.


Cool. I created a project with the last beta, the September one. I hope 3.0 will open it properly. Thanks!!