LaTeX, .doc, Bibdesk integration and workflow

Hi all,

I have a workflow question that I hope people can help me with.

I do most of my writing in LaTeX format, but I occasionally have need to wok with other collaborators, who (of course) use Word or some other such foolishness; this is one of the reasons that I want to do more work in Scrivener. SO my workflow in the past has been to write in TeXShop, do bibliographic stuff in BibDesk (which is a front-end for BibTeX) while using the natbib package (so I can get Chicago 15 style references), and output to PDF.

I’m trying figure out a way (and more importantly SETTINGS) to be able to do my documents in Scrivener, and to output a .doc (or whatever) when needed, but also to output a .tex file. So a few problems present themselves.

  1. How should I deal with bibliography stuff?
    I have been inserting natbib commands like “\citep{jones 2003a}” into my files as I write them. When I go to output to LaTeX, however, the Scrivener interpreter turns this into “$\backslash$citep{jones2003a}” (turning all the control/language command characters into literal characters to print). I’ve found the stuff to do inserts like “[jones2003a][]”, which I think would work with latex docs. (That is, I understand that MMD will see these and turn them into \citep{} commands. And it seems to work in rudimentary tests.)
    So, Should I keep using latex cite commands? Or should I move to the MMD citation format?
  • What should I do in the RTF/.DOC direction? With such files, I have no idea how to turn a reference like that into the proper citation and make a biblio entry. Is there perhaps an Applescript or something (or it someone proficient in these things?) that could be used here? That would turn this into a citation format that can be picked up in Pages, or Word, or TextEdit? (For example, there’s something (I think) kind of like that at

[*] The LaTeX output is in memoir class with all these resettings of defaults. (See below.)

I really don’t like memoir class, and I don’t want to re-do all the defaults typographical settings for sections and such. How can I just use something simple like article, with default output?[/*]

I think that’s it for now! =-) I’m sure I will have more questions later.