LaTeX for book manuscript?

Ok. I have a question I’ve been unable to answer no matter how many Google queries I’ve performed.

I’d like to use LaTeX (together with MMD) to output a book manuscript of the same structure and appearance as the one Keith made Scrivener automatically do as RTF/Word, i.e. with a title page, with contact information, and a running header of the form surname/title/wordcount. Is anyone aware of a LaTeX style class, or a template that will do this. I suppose one could tweak the memoir class, or the KOMA Book class, but I’m far to inexperienced to do something like that (on my own).

Is there something like this out there?

In fact, Fletcher made one himself! Try the Manuscript Example on his website here:

He based it on exactly the same PDF from the BBC website as I did for my Scrivener example.

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This is quite easy to do, there is a submission class already built in. In Scrivener’s File menu, choose MultiMarkdown Settings…, and if there is not already an entry for “XSLT File” in the left pane, click the ‘+’ button and add that (case is important). In the right pane, type: sffms.xslt Now click Ok, and Export Draft using MMD to LaTeX. You’ll want to run pdflatex twice to make sure the word counter is updated correctly, and you also might want to have a look at the LaTeX file itself. There are some options such as author name, contact information, and so on for the cover sheet.

Excellent! This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Thank you!