Latex formula in scrivener

I followed the insttructions I found. So I installed scrivener 1.5.1, and customized the multmarkdown files with the hints from the forum, so I was able to directly type latex commands and have them correctly typset in latex/pdf.

This worked e.g. for $\cos(x^2)$.

But when I did $\in_2^3 \sin(x)$ the superscript “2" was not set right. The "” always got a leading backslash.

Oneone any idea how I can best produce latex with lots of mathematical formulae in it, using scrivener?

Thx in advance.

Have you tried using the built-in MMD equation codes? I’ve never tried it myself because I don’t really use formulas in my writing, but I’m pretty sure MMD has its own math mode which will translate not only to LaTeX but XHTML math module as well.

no I didn’t try that. But because I write a lot of math formula in latex and would like to use scrivener to organize the project etc. I altered some of the xlt-file to fit my desired latex-settings (e.g. I use the standard article class, added other packages etc.) and now use the html-comment-trick, writing my pure latex in structures like . That works.

I had problems to alter the xlt-files so that e.g. \hspace*{3.0cm} come through unaltered., but mmd always killed the asterix and that is another latex-comment which did not what I needed…