latex, MM, and formatting

I’m not getting something. As I understand it, including a short discussion with the MM author, I should be able to use rtf formatting, like command-I or command-B to make simple formatting changes to document in Scrivener and that when it’s exported to MM to convert to LaTeX, the conversion of formatted text to the appropriate *'s will happen in the background.

I cannot get this to occur. Rather, I must do the conversion to MM, which means I lose the formatting in the scrivener document for all time. Has anyone gotten this to work?


I’d recommend just using the proper syntax in your work. There is a tool in Text>Convert for changing RTF bold and italic to MMD, but it can cause errors in complex situations, and is really meant as an import tool. That is why it is not integrated with export.


I’m not sure how you got that impression, but no, that is not the case. The reason for this is that rich text formatting and MMD formatting are quite different. Whereas in rich text, italics and bold can start before a space and end after one, have italics and bold cross over each other and so on and so forth, these sorts of formatting features are not allowed in MMD. Thus, if Scrivener tried to convert rich text bold and italics formatting to MMD syntax, there could potentially be lots of errors that would generate an invalid MMD file. Believe me, this is how I tried things initially, but the potential for such errors was so problematic that I had to abandon it for the foreseeable future. So, as AmberV stated, for now you can always use Convert from the Text menu, which will convert rich text in your editor to MMD syntax so that you can go through it and check that it is correct yourself. Yes, I know this is not ideal, but then Scrivener was never really meant as a true MMD editor… :slight_smile:

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That was probably my fault then - I was not aware you removed the Rich Text bold/italics-> MMD format converter. I agree that it was an impractical idea, but I thought it was still in place.

Since I never used it, I never knew it was “missing.”

I apologize for any confusion.