Latex support on linux beta

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  • I would appreciate Latex support in the Linux version of Scrivener
  • I would appreciate Latex support in the Windows version of Scrivener

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I was very excited about the new beta, but sad that it does not support Latex. I hereby request Latex support - both importing and exporting.

In a way, it does support LaTeX, in that you can use Scrivener as a plain-text document generator just as easily as you can a rich text document generator. Just use the .txt compile method and write your book in LaTeX as you normally would. You can split things up by section just like everyone else, confident that the final result will be a single file you can run through typesetting.

For generating LaTeX codes, you’ll have to wait a bit for MMD integration. This will provide a simple marking language you can use and via the MMD engine, produce rough LaTeX that is fairly close to final quality (in my experience the abstraction provided by MMD which makes the text easy to read and edit does reduce a little power, so special typesetting will require special editing post-compile—on the flip side of that, you can do wonders with a few \includes, and beyond that, customising the MMD engine’s product with XSLT).

You can get started with MMD right now, as well, even though the interface doesn’t support it yet. Since MMD files are just like any other plain-text file, a .txt compile will create a single document out of your outline and this can then be run through the MMD engine with ease after you compile. Once integration is in place, you’ll be able to do that with a dedicated MMD compile format. If you don’t anticipate needing a final format compile for some time (say your deadline is in fall of 2011), then you could probably get away with not putting in any headers by hand into the text. Automatic outline to header generation will be one of the integration features in the compiler.

Thanks AmberV. Nice to know MMD integration is coming. That’s super.