LaTex to MMD to Scrivener

Hi all,

I am trying to work in the opposite direction to the mainstream here. I want to get LaTeX files (produced in Lyx) into Scrivener via MMD. Can this be done?
I know that one can import MMD files into Scrivener, but I can’t figure out if LaTeX can be converted into MMD.
Of course if there’s a way to get LaTeX directly into Scrivener, that’d be even better.

I need to work on these files and export as RTF. That is not to say that I won’t want to have them in LaTeX form later on… but I know that I can do that via the export as MMD. My problem is the opposite: how to get the LaTeX into MMD.

Any thoughts?


That’s a good question. I abandoned writing in LyX so many years ago that all of my projects in it were either already converted or obsolete by the time Scrivener came about, so it never really came up. One thing to keep in mind is that Scrivener’s MMD import only utilises the headers to reconstruct outline order in the Binder. All other syntax is passed verbatim into project documents. Since headers are not expanded or altered in MMD from vanilla Markdown, that should open up your options a bit. I did a search on Google for “latex to markdown” and got a little over half a dozen hits. There is at least one script floating around that claims it will do this.

My specific concern then would be footnotes. It sounds like these mightn’t be processed.

Thanks for your response.


According to the README on the pandoc script:

This is a different syntax than Multimarkdown, but it looks clear enough to convert with a simple Perl script or something. If your concern is that MMD footnotes will not become Scrivener footnotes—well yes, that has always been a limitation. That of course does not mean they will be lost. In fact, some MMD users don’t use Scrivener’s footnote tool at all, preferring to simply type in the MMD syntax by hand for maximum control. They’ll still be there, they will just be in MMD syntax (once converted from pandoc, of course).