Latex to Scrivener Project

Hi All,

I was so grateful to have Scrivener while working on my dissertation. To save myself formatting headaches, I did my final edits as a Latex document. I’m now ready to start the slow process of editing the dissertation into a book. What would be the most efficient and accurate way to turn the Latex document back into a Scrivener project? There aren’t any pictures, but I have extensive footnotes that were converted to Latex from Markdown and biblatex.

Thanks for any advice and help!

I guess the academics here missed this post, as I’m sure they’ll be far better equipped to help you than I am. My only advice is to start a new project and use file->import to import your markdown document.

If my memory serves, I believe Scrivener recognizes the heirarchy of the heading levels and nests sub-sections accordingly if you use that method of importing. I’ve never tried it so you should maybe read up on MMD in the Scrivener manual.

I also believe you’ll need to figure out if you can convert your bibliography to another tool ( I forget which are the two major favorites ).

I hope this bump will attract the notice of people with a greater grasp of the academic writing workflow, as I’ve now reached the end of my knowledge in this area. Good luck!

My advice is that, as you are concerned with Latex/MMD/Scrivener, posting in the forum dedicated to such questions


is going to bring it to that attention of those-that-know-most more quickly and certainly.



Pandoc can convert from LaTeX back to markdown which can then be imported into Scrivener…

Thanks, everyone! I’m sorry I didn’t see your replies at first. Must have forgotten to check that box. I appreciate your time and effort! I’ll post in the Latex forum.