latex with scrivener the easy way

Maybe somebody else is thinking this: I am using latex with scrivener some easy way. Currently I test this in the 1.54 version of scrivener. Personally I find it the wrong approach to have scrivener somehow do something clever to the latex-formatting instructions for I believe scrivener is about the content.

I simply imported a page of my resume, the latex code, as it is into scrivener.

Second step I split it all up with apple-K into slices. The idea is to seperate the latex-commands from the text.

Third step I use three types of labels for the slices. One label “latex-pure” indicating this is latex code that produces not text output. I actually use this for chunks containing the latex “\” newline only. Another label “latex-structure” which indicates slices that have for example latex-chapter definitions in there. The mostly text chunks, I do not care about simple text-formatting in there, get no label. I split them further following content in true scrivener style.

First result, with the index cards displaying index-colour I can identify the text parts I want to work on, those would be the white cards. That is a major advantage to me. Second advantage, the folder-file structure I have in scrivener is not handed over to latex. As a consequence I have perfect freedom here.

As export format I go for text-only and I have the separator character changed for # to % which is the latex-comment-marker. The export-files goes into latex-processing after giving it the proper .tex-extension.

Do you have an example template you could post ?

Niran, let me see what I can post that makes sense. I did not do a lot really. What I did NOT do is try to use scrivener as a wysiwyg-editor or latex in some tricky way. I strongly believe this is where all the so called latex-editors went for the wrong thing to begin with. What I did achieve is this:

  1. I have scrivener produce a pure-text-file ready to be processed by latex as-it-is with the only requirement that I need to change the filename-extension manually to .tex .
  2. Quickly pick the text-parts looking at index-card-colour. I used the free splitting in scrivener to seperate the essentially text- from the essentially tex-parts and assigned colours to every part.

I shall post some files at a later time.