Launch Problem

I used the trial on Scrivener for about three weeks, then decided to buy, which I did about a half hour ago. Since then, I have been stymied. The Scrivener icon shows in my dock (I’m on a Mac) with the menu bar above. However, I cannot open a new project, nor can I register Scrivener. Those options remain shodowed in the Scrivener and File menus. Furthermore, I cannot quit Scrivener, which prevents me from restarting or shutting down the computer. What the heck is going on? Can anyone help? Thanks.

What happens if you force-quit Scrivener (command-option-esc)? It sounds like a crash/hang.

That worked, mamster. After force quitting, I reopened and was able to register. Right now, that seems to have made it–and me–happy. Many thanks.