Hello. Is it possible to change the size of the subscreens on the right, i.e. those of the Summary, Meta-data and Project Notes? Thanks.

Not sure if this is what you are looking for, but the size of the panels in the Windows version are resizable. Just place the cursor on the line between the panels and drag

The link below, illustrates this in a video:

Thanks. I know this is a way to resize the screens on the right. But when you do that you affect the editor screen as well.
What I mean is: how to resize separately the summary screen, the meta-data screen and the project notes screen, while keeping the editor screen at the width you prefer.

When maximized, the Scrivener desktop is one inseparable unit. If you increase or decrease or close one part, there will be a corresponding impact to the other parts. So I don’t believe it will do what you want it to do. :frowning:

Although, have you tried playing around with it when the screen wasn’t maximized, to see if that makes a difference?

There are no Floating Windows in Scrivener

Thanks for the feedback. There is no difference between a maximized Scrivener screen and a screen you size yourself.
Indeed, what StarDog2 says is unfortunately correct: There are no floating windows in the main Scrivener screen.

This is really a disadvantage. I hope Scrivener can change this. It would be very handy!

Scrivener version three (currently in beta testing) will have “Quick Reference” windows for binder documents that you can open separately from the main interface. Individual windows will be able to display inspector panes for that document, plus project-wide “bookmarks”.

What you won’t get, probably ever, is dockable inspector panes that can be removed from the main interface. It’s a choice the original developer decided against in the early days before version 1 for Mac was released, if I’m recalling his past recounting of those versions correctly.

Thanks for your message, rdale. What a shame! It would have been perfect to have a main layout like in Outlook: choice of windows, their placement and their size.
Example: I would like to have a big, sizeable Project Notes screen in whatever chapter I am working on.
Is that really not feasible in a new version?

Hi Jeroen,

Project Notes as a separate feature will go away with Windows v3.

See this blog post on how it will be handled in v3, which was written prior to the Mac’s v3 release, but which will hold true for Windows v3:

So your v1.9 Project Notes will become a bookmarked document, which you can open in a separate Quick Ref window, giving you exactly what you want in your example --your Project Notes in a separate, floating window.


Sounds great! Thanks. :smiley: