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I am a little restless when it comes to reading long texts of instruction. Especially in english as it isn’t my first language. I am sure the answer to my question is out there is what I am saying, but could someone help me anyway please?

Problem: I am working on a lecture in Scrivener. I am cutting and pasting text from different other documents and everytime they turn up with different spacing before and leghts of lines. My document looks like a snake curling down the page and it is very irritating. I can’t find out how to just get everything shaped into the same form. No tabs for new lines, chapters or anything. Just text starting to the left in the same place every time. Possible? How?
Thank you!


Succinctly, you are doing it to yourself using the copy/paste technique you are using.

Read How do I strip all existing formatting when I paste? / Features and Usage / Knowledge Base - Literature and Latte Support


Thank you, I can now relax and keep working!

Also: Set default formatting for NEW documents at
File > Options > Edit > Formatting

Then select documents in the Binder, and choose Documents > Convert > Text to Default Formatting.


rms’s clue will help you with your future pasting. AntoniDol’s clue will help you fix your existing text.

With pasted text that is weird, it may also be a good idea to apply the Edit > Text Tidying > Zap Gremlins command.

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