layout assignments in compile not showing up in new project

I’m not sure whether this is a) ignorance on my part, b) a bug, or c) a feature I would like.

I’m using Scrivener to write a book series. The formatting and compiling will be identical for every book in the series.

I successfully compiled the first book, and saved my custom format to “My Formats” in the compile dialog.

I opened the second book project, clicked compile, and found the custom compile format right where I expected it, in the list of “my formats”.

But even though both projects were based on the same template and have exactly the same style set, none of the layouts were assigned in the second book.

From what I know of Scrivener, I doubt that it would be intentional to make an author who only uses one set of styles and formats reassign all of them by hand for every project, so I assume that either I’m doing something wrong, or this is a bug, or a feature that has yet to be implemented.

Can anyone tell me which?


Scrivener can assign default layouts based on the Binder structure. So if you have Scenes nested inside Chapters nested inside Parts, it can use those layouts across multiple projects. That’s how the Compile Formats that ship with Scrivener work.

But unless you use the Binder hierarchy to show it what you want, Scrivener has no way of knowing. The whole point of the Version 3 Compile command is that the Binder hierarchy doesn’t have to match the structure that the reader will see.

(Note that this is how it works in Mac Scrivener 3. I don’t know the status of layout assignments in the current beta.)


Got it. Thanks.