Layout challenge — is what I want possible without scary LaTeX?

Having switched from LyX (LaTeX with a graphic user interface) to Scrivener and never wanting to go back, I would like to adapt the Non-Fiction Manuscript template that I use with some adjustments, for my dissertation, in one important way, and I wonder if this can be done without overly complicating matters (I love clicking the compile button now, and seeing that everything lands where it should, every time).

I’d like to have citations and notes like Jaroslav Pelikan has them; see the image included below. No numbers or symbols, just the note text in the margin, at the correct height. I think it’s very neat like that. But is this doable in Scrivener? Without following a LaTeX route? Or if a LaTeX route is inevitable, is it perhaps (one can dream) an easy and risk-free route?

I thought I’d just ask instead of spending a lot of time researching this, because one of you fine people might simply be able to tell me.

I’m short on time, but off the top of my head, you could use Scrivener > Pandoc > Tufte, generating something like:

Tufte layout is very similar, using sidenotes. R Markdown uses Pandoc, so they’ve done the work of making Pandoc + Tufte style sidenotes in LaTeX work. I had planned on adding this to my scrivomatic templates, but currently only have a HTML version of Tufte (you can produce books from HTML, see PrinceXML or other engines as examples). You would simply write in Scrivener, using normal footnotes and named styles. If I get a spare weekend I’d be up form merging the LaTeX template into scrivomatic, but my free weekends are few and far between…

Thanks a lot. The Tufte sidenotes are exactly what I want. I’m somewhat intimidated by what seems to be required to make this work, though. So many dependencies, so many steps…

Yes, starting from scratch this may seem quite daunting… :open_mouth: — from my perspective it is fairly straight-forward plumbing, but I just can’t guarantee any time spend on this.

Of course, I understand. There is no hurry — my dissertation is due in a little less than three years. If you should get around to it by then, that would be great, and in the meantime, I’ll just continue writing, using regular Scrivener footnotes and named styles.

Ha, I’ll certainly have time before then :laughing:

That’s wonderful. May I, at some point, take the liberty to remind you, if needed? I did try to do it on my own, but soon gave up. Hegel is easier for a mind like mine 8)

Of course! 8)

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Hi! I´d also be very thankful if you had the time… :sweat_smile: