Layout doesn't save zoom level

Hi Keith,

After more than a year, I continue to the love the program. It’s got so much flexibility for my different writing situations that makes it soar above any of its competitors. Keep up the great work!

Not sure if this is a bug or intended behaviour: When I save a layout and check “Save window and view sizes”, my zoom level (usually at 50%) is not saved. When ever I switch layouts, whatever my current zoom levels are set to remain unchanged across the different layouts. Couldn’t find anything relevant in the forums on point.

If intended, can it be incorporated as part of a layout? Also, is there any way zoom levels can be a custom setting? Right now I’m working on a project where I would ideally need a zoom level of 30-40%, and the minimum right now I can go to right now is 50%. I’m making it work with 50% though and I can’t imagine it’s a popular need.

Edit Related: I found that if my Binder Effects was set to “Alternate Editor” when I created a layout, if I then tried to re-save the layout settings to have Binder Effects as “Current Editor”, it didn’t overwrite that setting. Easy workaround was to create a new layout and delete the old one. But thought I’d mention it.

Great software Keith. Hope you’re working on your novel!