Layout Manager questions

Okay, I read the section in the manual, did searches in the forum, and I’m still puzzled. My assumption was that saving a layout meant that when I chose to use that layout it would exactly replicate what was set up when I saved a layout. But I’m not seeing that, either in the beta version or my saved production version. My assumption was that a saved layout did not care whether I was in scrivening mode, outline mode, or corkboard mode. It would just redraw the screen and give me the layout I had saved.
I hope this makes sense. Any advice will be appreciated. THANKS!

Okay, Mr. Chucklehead here did a little testing and maybe (?) educated himself as to layout manager. If your layout involves an Outline view, then you’d better have Outline active. If it involves Corkboard, ditto. Have I learned anything?? :confused: