Layout Mgr. & Index Card View Changes

Admittedly a minor improvement, it would be nice if after selecting the layout I want to use in the Layout Manager that the Layout Manager would simply close. At present it stays open without really there being a further use for it. (Yes but I did say minor!)

More valuable would be the ability for the Cards Per Row to have an option for dual or split screen so I could see the cards more clearly. I prefer, vastly prefer, setting the default to view three cards in each row and that allows me to organize and see the big picture while still able to see the card information. When I switch to split screen of course the cards shrink to a size that my eyes or brain just does not process well.

Thanks for listening!

And wise-ass in my writer’s group says I should ask that you include and HBO subscription while I’m at it…

There are two tools that might be more useful to you than the management palette (I don’t really think that should close when you use it, as the whole point of it is to manage layouts, not manage what layout a project uses):

  • The very Window/Layouts/ sub-menu itself.

  • There used to a layout button in the default toolbar, but it looks like that was removed to make space for the iOS button. You can add it back in however by right-clicking in the toolbar and choosing to customise it. This button is dual-function. Click it once to bring up the panel, click and hold to bring up the equivalent of the above sub-menu.

The cards per row setting is for when you don’t care how big the card is. If you do care, then the static card size setting might be a better choice. You can slide it around to get things roughly exactly how they looked with the 3-across setting, but when you shrink the split width down, it will wrap the cards instead of shrinking them to fit.

That sounds fantastic for promoting productivity!

Thanks Amber!

I didn’t realize the Layout Mgr. was for “managing” the views and I have always used it to bounce back and forth between the layouts I saved because I use them repeatedly.

On the Card View issue your suggestion does exactly what I was needing. When I adjust the size of the cards and do not use the Cards Across/Size to Fit options it is much easier for me to stay focused/organized when I am using split screens.

Many Thanks!