Layout sometimes moves between monitors (sometimes doesn't)

I have two monitors in my system, though I only use Scrivener on one. I move it back and forth between the monitors as I need to, and I’ve saved layouts for each monitor in the layout manager because the monitors have different sizes and ratios. I just noticed today that if I have Scriv open on my right monitor and choose the left monitor layout, the window automatically jumps to the left monitor. However, if it’s open in the left monitor and I choose the right monitor layout, it stays in the left monitor but adjusts the sizes of the binder, inspector and editor to fit the right monitor (as best it can, since the left monitor is smaller).

I’m thinking one of these behaviors is a bug, either that it does move in one instance, or that it doesn’t in the other. Has anyone else noticed this, or is it something on my system alone?


Is everyone on vacation already? Maybe the weekend starts a day earlier in England?

Thanks, I’ve made a note to do some testing with this once I’ve got the dual-monitor PC set up again. In short, though, I wouldn’t rely on layouts to switch the screen for you. We had a lot of trouble with the way Windows handles the dual monitors like this, assigning windows to specific screens, so to avoid problems where a project could open on a monitor not currently plugged in, Scrivener opens on the main monitor and most of that information about which screen it was last on isn’t stored.

We do have it on the list to look at preserving the information in layouts but nothing specific has been implemented for that yet, so I’d say it’s more a bug at this point that one of your layouts is causing the project to shift screens. That may change though, depending how layouts are developed down the road.

I wasn’t intending to rely on the layouts to move the window across my screen. I simply noticed once that it did for one layout but not the other and thought it was weird.

Well, that is true. :slight_smile: