Layout with _minimum_ clutter?

I am not insulting the very necessary and wonderful tables, abilities etc… but sometimes I just want to concentrate on only the words.

Is there a layout for the Windows version that has nothing visible other than the editing window for a new document?

Full screen mode is an improvement but all my monitors are wide and it leaves clutter to either side of the work environment. Can I increase the opacity of the shading or widen the editing screen in windows?


In full screen mode, move your mouse to the bottom; a toolbar should pop up. There’s an opacity slider on the right. You can also set a backdrop image that will be 100% opaque no matter what that setting is. You can set that using the View->Full Screen Backdrop menu.

Sure! While full screen is enabled, you can hover your mouse to the bottom of the screen and a toolbar will appear. You’ll find there are two sliders that can help you:

  • Paper Width will allow you to eliminate all the clutter, as you call it, and fill the screen with just text.
  • Background Fade will allow you to change the opacity of the non-text area.

Hope this helps!


First Rate!

Thank you.