Leading special character prevents Project Replace when Whole Word Only box is ticked

I use @ to flag things I know I will need to replace. For example, @childhoodfriend for a character that hasn’t been named yet. I have successfully replaced this using the Find/Replace within individual scenes with the Whole Words option selected. However, when I attempt to do a Project Replace, it does not replace anything when the Whole Words Only box is ticked. If the Whole Words Only box is unticked it replaces as expected, and if the special character is not the leading character it behaves as expected.

I tested @,#, $, and ^ as leading characters with the same result.

Obviously, I can work around by ensuring there is no overlap so Whole Words Only doesn’t need to be ticked or replacing scene by scene, but this feels like an unintended behavior.

As a note, Project Search finds these “words” with leading special characters when the Whole Words option is selected.

OS: Windows 10
Scrivener Version