"Learn Spelling" not available when word is selected

This it how it doesn’t work:

  1. You have a character that is marked an error.

2 You select it

3 You right-click to get to the “learn spelling” menu. It is NOT there - BUG

4 You unselect the word and now you can go to the new character name and the “learn spelling” command is there.

Resolution needed: let “learn spelling” to be there when the new word is selected and you right-click.

Learn spelling is a built-in Mac function, not a Scrivener function.
Have you restarted your Mac?

“Learn spelling” works in Pages, Text Edit.

Only doesn’t work in Scrivener.

Bug has been acknowledged 2 years ago: [LH2738] "Learn Spelling" Issues

Workaround is go two layers into submenu spelling and grammar - show spelling and grammar. Then you have a window and there you can add the word to the dictionary.

4 steps instead of 1

It would be a good thing to finally fix that bug.

The thread you linked to refers to the Windows version, not the Mac version,