Learn Spelling option disappears for different chapters??

When I type a word that is the name of a tribe, person, whatever and is not recognised by Scrivener, I right click on the word and the option for Learn Spelling is there and I select it. No dramas.
In the next chapter, I do the exact same process but upon right clicking on the word that I want Scrivener to learn, there is no option called Learn Spelling. There is only Look up as the first set of options. The word is still highlighted with a red squiggle and Scrivener hasn’t had the chance to learn that particular word.
I’ve tried this in various folders and it really is 50-50 in offering to Learn Spelling on the word selected and in not giving me any such option on the word selected.

Why the inconsistency?
Is this a bug in the software? I bought Scrivener 4 days ago so I presume I have the latest version.

I think that “learn spelling” is a Mac OS function, not something L&L has programed into Scrivener.

This problem doesn’t happen with Word on my Mac. It’s only on Scrivener.

Does it happen in TextEdit?

Scrivener and TextEdit both use the Mac OS text and spelling systems. Word uses a completely different system, built by Microsoft.


Hey Just got the updated Scrivener and I’m using MAC. I’m having the same issue BUT for me, the word I couldn’t force to learn had a note attached to it. Once I removed the note, it allowed it to learn. Hope this helps!