Learn Spelling - project oriented dictionary

I suspect I know the answer to this already, but thought I would ask the community in case my presumed answer is incorrect or perhaps someone has a creative solution.

Is there a way to make the personal dictionary created form “Lean Spelling” project oriented. That is, I do not want Scrivener to apply the words within the personal dictionary to everything I create, but rather just the one document I am working on. For example, lets say in a fantasy world I decide there is such a think as a traid (not triad, but traid), but for obvious reasons I do not want everything I create to accept the incorrect spelling of triad, can I somehow ensure that the personal dictionary created is not used for anything but that particular project?

I think the answer would largely depend on where that personal dictionary is located. If it is located in the project folder then perhaps each project would have its own personal dictionary, but if it is associated with a folder the program generally accesses, then I assume Scrivener would have to be run with some batch file that swaps out personal dictionary with a new batch file for every project requiring a specialized dictionary?

The spelling dictionary is at C:\Users[i]{Your Username}[/i]\AppData\Local\Scrivener\Scrivener\wordlists.ini. So yes, you’d need to keep multiple specialized copies of wordlists.ini and manually or by batch file swap them in and out there.

There have been previous requests for per project dictionaries/spelling and the L&L team have advised is not feasible.

Anything you came up with would need to be outside of Scrivener, such as manually selecting a custom dictionary.