Learn spelling (Windows user)?

I love Scrivener for iOS - a huge thankyou!

I can’t seem to find how to add words to the Scrivener dictionary - in the Windows version, one can right-click and select “Learn Spelling”.

Is there an equivalent in iOS? I tend to do editing in the iOS version as it better mirrors my normal reading experience, and it’s only when editing do I correct typos etc, which includes learning words (character names; story-specific jargon etc), so it would be really handy!

I’m assuming that this is device-specific, as if I open the same file on two different Windows machines, the learned words are already different.

A synced Scrivener “learned words” dictionary would be a great feature to add to the queue!

Similar topic was discussed here:


Thanks for the reply - I’d already seen that, but it pertains to Mac. Rather than contaminate that thread (the topic title is clearly Mac), I posted a new one to keep searches clean (since I’d already searched under “windows learn spelling” and found nothing!).

Anyone else have an answer? Will this be a feature request? It would be great to have when editing (ie when you REALLY want to know what is spelled correctly and what isn’t!)

Both Mac OS X and iOS use a similar service that is provided by the operating system. Scrivener on those platforms uses that spelling service provided by the OS. Windows or Mac have nothing to do with iOS.

That other thread provides a link to show you how to add words to the system iOS dictionary.

Okay, so I’m not really understanding your reply.

I’m hearing that at the moment, there is no way other than to somehow add words to your iOS native “dictionary”. But if I tap the squiggly red line on the iOS Scrivener project, there is no option to do that … so now what?

Or am I missing something?

Precisely, here it is:
technipages.com/how-to-add-w … dictionary