Learn This Same as Ignore This?

I expected that Learn this would add an unknown word to the dictionary, and Ignore this would ignore the spelling only in one instance, but my testing shows that both options add the word to the dictionary.

Is that right?

Ignore does not add the word to the personal word list, and it is only ignored for the session. All instances of the word are ignored, in all open projects. We do have refinements planned for the way ignore works, for instance so the word is ignored per project, but I’m not aware of any bugs where choosing “Ignore” adds the word to the personal word list the way “Learn” does.

I’m having trouble seeing much value in ignoring a misspelling for only the duration of a session (this word is OK today, but tomorrow …). Openoffice has these choices, which are all immediately understandable with no need to consult the documentation:

Ignore All
Add to Dictionary

As I said, this is something we would like to refine in the future. The project nature of Scrivener and the current global spellcheck complicates it a bit from a technical standpoint.