Learned words[BUG LOGGED]

Hello all and I am new to this software. But am looking forward to it.

My PC runs Win XP Home edition 32 bit with Service Pack 3

I downloaded this software 2 days ago so I should have the freshest installer.

I can confirm this bug. It’s got a twist.

I am using the edit>options>Auto-Correction>View Personal Word List method

  1. All made up words such as names, places, etc… have the red squiggly lines under (good)
  2. I add the words using the above method. Still has red squiggles after (bad)
  3. I close Scrivener and reopen Scrivener. All squiggles are gone. (good)
  4. I reopen the above method to peek at word list. Red squiggles now reappear. (bad)

Same problem as RSMcGowan here - learned spellings persist, but every time I add one, I have to recheck the spelling to remove the underlines. Downloading the new installer now…

…A “dirty” install without uninstalling my previous version of 1.6 does not fix this issue. Uninstalling… (using the uninstaller, then removing the Scrivener folder and any leftovers in it)

…A clean install also does not fix this issue. Learned spellings still persist, but seem momentarily forgotten every time a new spelling is added or the list of custom spellings is accessed through the options menu. Recheck spelling or reopening the project fixes it, as if accessing or modifying the spellings file interferes with its use.