Learning 3.0

I hadn’t been really bothered by the delays last year in the release of 3.0 and ignored the beta because I was finishing my novel and didn’t want to get slowed down by getting used to 3.0. So I forgot all about it as I released the book and got the print version ready.

I came by today to check for updates on the release and found mention of the beta. After a mental facepalm, I realized now, as I write a short prequel story, might be the perfect time for learning the new version. (I’ve read that it’s quite different.)

So do any of you have suggestions for videos or other aids to help out with learning 3.0? Or should I just hop on YouTube and search?


As strange as it may sound, pop over to the L&L Learn and Support site: https://www.literatureandlatte.com/learn-and-support/video-tutorials?os=macOS and go through the Mac OS videos. While the keyboard controls are different, the concepts work very much the same in the beta (with the caveat that some of the beta options are still in-work). The tutorial within the beta is also being worked on and they are looking for feedback there as well. That should get you started and remember that the Beta Testing (Windows) forum here is also a good place to ask questions in.

What Jestar said, plus check out the L&L blog entries for Mac Scrivener 3 from Aug-Nov 2017. https://www.literatureandlatte.com/blog

Also download and walk thru the v3 Upgrade Guide: https://www.literatureandlatte.com/scrivener-3-update-guide

Scriv 3 is brilliant. The new/changed features in the beta that have impacted my workflow the most are:

  • Quick Reference windows

  • Project bookmarks (particularly from Quick Ref windows)

  • Copyholders

  • Compile (Major changes here. Take it slow and don’t get frustrated.)

The user manual that comes with the beta is mostly the Mac manual at this time, but it’s worth your time to review the manual for the features listed above.