Learning Scrivener 3 via "The Scapple User Manual Project"

I am trying to learn how to best take advantage of source based markup with Scrivener 3 by examining The Scapple User Manual Project. I downloaded it from https://www.literatureandlatte.com/learn-and-support/user-guides.

I see replacements mentioned in the About This Project section.

This looks particularly useful. The replacements appear to be absent from the project.

Is there another version with the replacements shown? Perhaps I did something wrong loading the project?

My mistake. I was looking in the wrong place. The replacements are in the custom compiler format, for example Scrapple Bridge Format (Mac).

Yeah, looks like I need to clarify the help file a bit. It was written prior to version 3, when there was only one Replacements table. Now a Format can define its own replacements, as part of what that format provides, while a project can have its own local replacements that are project-specific. Some examples of this separation are given in the Scrivener user manual, where the Format’s replacement list is describe, in §24.15, Replacements, pg. 659.

That said, is there any particular reason why you are using the Scapple manual as a basis for learning, rather than the Scrivener manual project? The former is an older project and makes use of what I would consider now to be work-arounds (and as you can see, its Replacements aren’t even organised logically, as described above). These days there are styles to do things that the Scapple manual did purely with replacements (and even inline annotations, though I think I might have fixed most of those by now). For example, I wouldn’t use a … tag system like that any more, I would simply create a Style called “Mac Only” and set it to delete the text for the Windows variant of the format.

It is called a “bridge” format in the settings for that reason—it was quickly (very quickly) cobbled together to get an old project working with the new user manual design we put together. Some day it’ll need to be updated, but as yet I haven’t had the time to spend on doing so, as it would ultimately be reworking something that already works, for a manual that gets doesn’t often require revision.

Thank you.

I found the Scrapple manual project first.

I see what you mean about the windows vs mac only styles. That is a nice tip.