leaving mac heading to pc

My Mac is dying and for reasons of economy i find myself back in windows land. I am using Scrivener 1 on the Mac and wondering how to get my files over to the windows beta. do i need to update to version two on the mac? which will be a shame since i am about to be out of there. is there any way i can get my scrivener files readable in WIndows version. I did the drop box thing, but scrivener would not open the scriv file.

Download and install the 2.1 trial version. Open each of your projects in version 2 and then close them once they are loaded in version 2 and you have verified that your data is all intact. Mac version 2 automatically converts the old format to be compatible with itself and the windows version, leaving behind an archive of the old version 1 format; you’ll have 2 versions of your projects at the end of this process; the ones you originally created, and the newly converted versions.

I suggest you move your version 1 archives to a separate folder to avoid attempting to re-open them.

As Robert said, you’ll need to update your 1.x project files to 2.0, but you can just download the Mac trial version to do this–30 days should be enough time to get everything converted for use on Windows. :slight_smile:

Thanks very much. That seems to have hit the spot.