Hi Beta Testers,

This beta addresses bugs found in 025 - it is more remedial than a major release; However, it does have a few added features.

Note also that using the Help menu>Check for Updates in Scrivener will always return “Scrivener is up to date” - this is a known issue as we are currently refining the update feature. So, it not available currently in 025 or 026.

Bugs addressed in this release include:

  1. Ability to reset the trial.

  2. Compile bugs fixed:
    -exporting titles to doc and rtf
    -titles and text split randomly over multi lines
    -crash when modifying text right indent

  3. Several shortcuts posed issues for users and have thus been changed. This has always been a challenge given that we have: Word, Windows, Linux and Mac users all expecting certain combinations. Plus, we just got some plain wrong. This has been fruitful though as we have now managed to figure a way to allow users to customize any shortcut and assign their own. A user will be able to save, load and even search shortcuts in the next release. However, for now all you’ll see is the basic interface for this in the Options>Keyboard tab. It’s non functional, but will give you an idea.

Shortcut keys changed in this release:
-Show/Hide Toolbar to Alt+Up
-Show/Hide Format bar to Alt+Right
-Show/Hide Footer bar to Alt+Down
-Show/Hide Header bar to Alt+Left
-Paste & Match Style to Ctrl+Shift+V
-Delete document to Shift+Delete

  1. Right clicking formatting pane in the Options>Editor tab crashed Scrivener.

  2. The crash on emptying trash

  3. Corkboard pattern now uses same image as the Mac by default.

  4. Corkboard index card headers are now shorter and inline with the Mac version allowing more space on the index cards.

  5. Images are now loaded from the Research in the binder for use within the Compile eBook Cover Page drop down list. Previously this was only displaying images that existed within text for new projects only.

  6. ‘Keyword’ search in the toolbar search bar now functions as expected when searching on Keywords.

  7. Crash with text lists pasted from Google Chrome has been remediated but not fixed entirely. More work here, but the crash no longer occurs.


  1. The ability to show keyword colors on index cards via View>Corkboard>Show Keyword Colors.

1.1 Keyword colors are now visible in keywords section of inspector.

  1. Refined ‘New Project’ start-up dialog.

  2. Single click now reveals popup menus for updating label and status in outliner.

  3. Clicking on the icon in the outliner will now open the document in the editor.

PDF preview is broken currently in Scrivener, we are aware of the issue and how to fix it. In the interim, you can either right-click on a PDF in the binder and open it in an external editor or you can download the updated PDF dll file for PDF to your Scrivener install directory. Once copied to the Scrivener directory restart Scrivener and PDF will now function as expected. PDF dll file is here http://www.literatureandlatte.com/scrivenerforwindows/QuickPDFDLL0725.dll

Note, you may get some warnings from some virus detection or firewall software which you can safely ignore.

Well, hopefully this will provide a more stable release whilst we get back to our outstanding bugs prior to release 025.

You can download the 026 release here: http://www.scrivenerforwindows.com
Note: If you still see beta 025 on the web site don’t forget to refresh your browser page.


Hi Lee, thanks for the update. I’ve updated my previous post re compile to Word, but I’ll post here as well.

Thank you, Lee, for such a prompt fix release.

Customizable shortcuts >>> heaven.

Should I shut up already about my lust for navigational shortcuts? Should I wait for the final release and for a proper “wishlist” thread?

Because… the one thing that could enhance my Scrivener experience are navigational shortcuts. I don’t mind using the mouse to move things around, but I hate having to touch it just to actually go somewhere.

Specifically, I would love to be able to navigate to the next (or previous) item in the outline without leaving full screen mode. For instance:

CTRL + ALT + ARROWS UP AND DOWN - Without leaving Full Screen editing mode, open the next/previous document from the outline

While using the main editor, as well, it would be great to navigate up and down the documents in the binder without having to touch the mouse. I tried the mapped SHIFT + ALT + SIDE ARROWS (as mentioned in the 025 Shortcuts PDF) but it doesn’t seem to work for me.

OK, got off my lazy ass and actually played around with the custom templates and seem to get what I need. I don’t know about that predefined template that give courier text with underlines, but don’t matter. I will just ignore it. I’ll continue my complaining back in my original post.

Haven’t tried it yet but just wanted to say thanks. That is an AMAZING amount of work in a short time.

Very impressed but don’t kill yourself.

Much Aloha


Step 1. bypassed serial registration with the reset trial, but could enter any serial and then press cancel when the error came up and still let me use the software (don’t think this matters though).

Step 2. Created APA nonfiction project randomly named

Step 3. Without typing into anything went under Research> Paper (APA) PDF and double clicked on the blank background.

This crashes 0026. Sometimes it requires you to right click on Paper (APA) PDF and then double click into the whitespace in the main part of the screen.

Added a PDF file for the notecards page. When I double clicked the PDF name under the research panel on the left, and then clicked the background, it crashed.

This is a known bug but thanks for taking the time to report it.

This is a good suggestion. I have implemented a short-cut in fullscreen: Ctrl+Alt+5 which now activates the “Go To” menu. From there you can use the accelerator and arrow keys to jump directly to documents in the binder. In the main editor today the accelerator sequence: Alt+V, G will work.


PDF preview is broken currently in Scrivener, we are aware of the issue and how to fix it. In the interim, you can either right-click on a PDF in the binder and open it in an external editor. See the screenshot below, or you can download the updated PDF dll file to your Scrivener install directory. Once copied to the Scrivener directory restart Scrivener and PDF will now function as expected. PDF dll file is here http://www.literatureandlatte.com/scrivenerforwindows/QuickPDFDLL0725.dll

Note, you may get some warnings from some virus detection or firewall software which you can safely ignore.

7-9-2011 9-23-43 AM.png

Hi Lee

Do you have an eta on completing the File Import module for screenwriting scripts (eg: fdx)? Neither .fdx of .fcf import is currently supported.

At the moment I can only import these files as RTF which brings the script in as “general” text. I then have to go through and select the various elements for reformatting (a bit of a painful process).

I also noticed here that I have to select multiple paragraphs of the same element individually otherwise the refomatting does not work correctly. For example if I have several paragraphs of “general” text that should be “action” I must select each paragraph separately, then format as “action”. If I select all the paragraphs together and format as “action”, only the very last paragraph is formatted correctly. All the rest are left as “general” text. This should probably be fixed at some point…



Good question Rob. This is most likely to be in 1.1, and likely to be delivered 6-8 weeks after 1.0 release. We are in the process of reviewing potential release dates for 1.0 currently so I can’t provide accurate dates. However, depending on the time frame to release we may or may not have time to implement this. The work is trivial but time consuming we’re estimating 4 weeks effort to implement the XML reader and writer for FDX.

Hope this helps and I will not regret this post :slight_smile:


Hi Lee

No regrets necessary… I use a number of apps for screenwriting and will hopefully be able to reduce these to one once Scrivener is sorted.

It would be nice if you could take a look at the reformatting issue though as this would save some time after an RTF import. If not, no problems. I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing.



Just to be clear, after doing this, I should have two PDF files, correct?

[code]C:\Program Files (x86)\Scrivener>dir pdf
Volume in drive C is Acer
Volume Serial Number is 6287-FFAB

Directory of C:\Program Files (x86)\Scrivener

11/25/2010 01:22 PM 1,779,712 QuickPDFDLL0722.dll
07/09/2011 03:03 PM 1,832,448 QuickPDFDLL0725.dll[/code]

I moved the old one (QuickPDFDLL0722.dll) out of that directory somewhere else, just in case, and it worked fine without it.

Lee & team,

Excellent work. I’m enjoying watching the new simple features added, the existing code base getting shored up, and the list of bugs growing smaller. SfW is really shaping up into a first class product.

There are a couple of compile bugs that I’ve hit in testing that I expect you already know about:

  1. Compile to .mobi doesn’t seem to put titles or a TOC in. (one reader did show a TOC at the back, though).
  2. Compile to .mobi crashes when a chapter or section title has a question mark in it. I’m assuming this is due to using file names out of the chapter headings. (That’s fixable with a simple RegEx transform filter.)
  3. Compile to .pdf ignores (most) custom format overrides. (ie: 1 or 1.5 line spacing for the .pdf when the original is 2.)

The compile to ePub seemed to work fine. Great work.

Just a thought… I would like to be able to create a VERY detailed compile template that I would use on a final draft to target all eBook formats. This would be in addition to the standard generic wizard in SfW. The purpose would be to put a final professional “wow factor” into the book before publishing. It would be more of a specialized tool with full previews of the actual text. Maybe even a side-by-side comparison of final text (ie: built in .ePub/.modi readers) with font/screen resizing. No, I’m not asking for a “hail mary” right before 1.0 release. This might even qualify as an add-on to SfW for an “ePublishing pro” version or as distinct product that reads from the SfW project structure.

Again… Thanks for all your hard work.



Thank you for putting this one on the list. I like very much your idea for full keyboard navigation in fullscreen, but please consider a shortcut (as suggested) for a quicker previous/next item navigation.

Cheers from a wintery Southern Hemisphere



I’ve just discovered that in Beta 026 I do can use ALT+SHIFT+SIDE ARROWS to navigate do the next/previous document in the outline, while mantaining the focus on the main editor. Now if only those shortcuts would work in fullscreen mode, my happiness would be complete!

Please? :mrgreen:

Lee, this response looks good, and I am downloading it.

The PDF dll was reported good by Norton Internet Security, automatically the green pop-up, so I think you are good on any issues there.

Nice warm weather, other pulls, am hard to find. But just using Scrivener, and recommending, both more and more. I do keep track here.


Not sure if I’m posting in the correct place.

I have two 1/2 problems. One I can’t find how/where to set up headers. I’ve looked at the documentation, but don’t have the header bar as it says I should.

Along with that shouldn’t I be able to tell it not to compile my chapter titles?

When it compiled it set margins to 1/2 inch wide.

Windows Vista 64 bit, SP 2
Office 2007
Scrivener for Windows .25