Left aligning first paragraph in a scene

Hi - I’m trying to use your defaults as much as possible so I don’t mess things up! But I would really like each first para in a scene to be left aligned - ie not indented. Every other para I want to indent. Is there a way of doing this? I adjusted it using ‘Body’ text and managed to print a scene, and it was fine. But I can’t get this to carry over into Compile - I’m using the TNR 12 pt preset.

Thank you!

There’s not an automatic way of doing this, but you can remove the first-line indent from the initial paragraph of each document and then select the paragraph and choose Format > Formatting > Preserve Formatting. You’ll see the text enclosed in a dashed box with a light blue background. During compile, text marked with Preserve Formatting won’t be affected by the compile formatting settings, so your indent will remain. Note though the font, font size, etc. will also stick through compile, so make sure the paragraph is formatted just as you want it in the final output. We have plans to give a bit more control about just what formatting is preserved, but for now it will preserve everything supported for the compile format.

Thank you! Really stupid question - what’s the best way of removing the indent? I clicked ‘Body’ text from the menu on left of font name. Is that the best way?

You can toggle the ruler in the editor via Format > Ruler, then just click into the paragraph and drag the first-line indent marker (the downward-pointing triangle) all the way left. The Shift+Ctrl+T shortcut to decrease the indent should also work.

That’s great - thanks so much for the explanations. The shortcut works too. I hope one day there might be a shortcut for doing this globally within the MS but meanwhile, I’ll use this method.