Left Bracket shape


I need a left bracket shape for creating a hierarchy diagram. My different text objects would be grouped/stacked within the bracket levels.

There is a bracket under emojis and symbols but I can’t adjust only the height.

I just need to adjust it’s height, not the width.

I’ve added an image showing an example of how I’d like to use the brackets.

Thank you


Just fyi - I have found a working solution using the “background shape”.

I create a new “background shape”, then make it as thin as possible.
Then just adjust the height accordingly, which does not effect it’s width

It is certainly not what background shapes were intended to be use for but it is a long, thin-enough bar/line that serves the purpose of the bracket.

I suppose with that, if I could just draw a line, that would work too. Is that possible?


scapple rocks

I suppose this has already occurred to you, but since you’re willing to use things that are external to your notes… why not just have each object be a separate note, and then connect them to other notes to form the visual hierarchy?