Left click not registering

I just purchased Scrivener today, and my left mouse button doesn’t work in the program. It works just fine in other programs, as well as on my desktop. Any thoughts?

You may want to contact tech support directly, as discussed here:

Despite your experience of this happening only with Scrivener, it seems very unlikely that Scrivener is the issue. To confirm this, search the forums (search field in upper right hand corner) on “left click”, “left mouse button”, etc. and note the lack of reports of such an issue. However, see my note below regarding some things you could try relative to Scrivener.

I wish I could suggest a specific cause or fix, but the best I can suggest is to do a Google search on “left click not working”, “left mouse button not working”, etc. to see the numerous odd and end non-Scrivener related causes and fixes for such. Hopefully something turned up by such searches will match up with the environment on your computer.

Some low probability possibilities re Scrivener:

Sorry I can’t suggest a specific fix.

Hope that is of some assistance.