Left guillemet replacement also replacing right guillemet and double quotes (RC13)

I have a project in Scrivener 1.9 in which guillemets (« and ») are replaced during compile. So if I compile the doc on the left, I get the right:

[attachment=2]quote replacement original.png[/attachment]

Using this project with RC13, I’ve noticed the following:

  • If there is a replacement during compile for the left guillemet, that replacement will also be performed for right guillemets, and double quote marks.
    • This occurs even if there is no actual left guillemet character to replace.
  • If the left guillemet replacement is unchecked in the format, but the right one stays checked, the right guillemet replacement will also replace all left guillemets and the double quote marks.
    • This occurs even if there is no actual right guillemet character to replace. (not pictured)

[attachment=1]quote replacement outcomes.png[/attachment]

I used .docx as the compile format for the screenshots, but I originally noticed the issue while compiling to MMD.

I also attached the project that made all these screenshots, which includes the project replacements. It was created directly in RC13 and I copied the guillemets from the character map so I don’t think it’s a weird 1.9->RC13 error.

I’ll be offline for a couple weeks after today so hopefully this is enough info!

I just went into the project to find guillemet uses to flag, and putting « in the search bar highlighted all my "s, so apparently all double quotes are being treated as one in that context too.