Left handed zoom support

As a proud leftie, I would like to request the ability to change the zoom (z) key which is less easy for me to use.

In programs like Adobe Indesign, it is possible to zoom into the pasteboard by holding down command and space and drawing a box around the area of the pasteboard you want to zoom in on. These keys are on both sides which makes it as quick for lefties as for righties.

The z button is the closest that Scapple comes to that, which is ok. But having to reach across the keyboard each time does slow things down.

In this age of identity politics, let’s not forget the lefties :slight_smile:

I’m familiar with the type of zoom you are referring to. It might be possible to add such a thing. In the meanwhile though, do you have a track pad or magic mouse? If so the standard Mac zoom gestures will work in Scapple if you have them set up system wide (they are by default).

Oh, and one problem with ⌘Space is that this what Spotlight uses by default. :slight_smile:

Thanks very much for your reply. I discover shift-command-* which is doing the job very well too.