Left indent/right indent/left and right indent

In the short time that I’ve been using Scrivener I have picked up on the recurring, near religious mantra that it is not a layout program. I’ve got it. However, the ability to inset quote a paragraph is not strictly an aesthetic layout function. It is often an integral device in organizing text visually and mentally.

I have been able to hack this feature to some degree using a system style and a keyboard shortcut. Often I end up with line spacing issues that I have not been able to resolve. I have to imagine that integrating this ability into the program (maybe even providing an icon option) would provide a simpler and more satisfactory experience for the less sophisticated user.

So, if you find yourself in a particularly daring mood, willing to challenge the layout gods and to set the pillars of design orthodoxy at a precarious angle, please consider adding such a feature.

Thanks for putting out such a fine program. :smiley:

Hmm, I don’t think there is anything religious about the fact that Scrivener is not a layout program. If it seems to become a mantra, it is only because I frequently take the time to explain to users why Scrivener does not do page layout.

However, inset quotes it can already do. Scrivener can do all the formatting that TextEdit can do. You may wish to peruse the Technical Support forum, where I have given at least two other users help on setting up inset quotes in the last fortnight or so. It sounds as though you pretty much have it. I don’t see that this is the sort of thing that should have an icon, as there are an infinite number of paragraph styles possible in a rich text system and you can’t give them all an icon.

Given that I’ve spent the whole of today coding and recoding the next free update, I’m not feeling “daring” so much as tired right now.