Left margin for paragraphs

I have hunted through the bug list and I have tried a variety of things. When I import a file (.rtf) the paragraph indents disappear and then when I enter tab to get an indent, the paragraph indents 1 inch. I can sometimes get the paragraph to indent 1/2 inch, but only if it is a new project. Am I missing a forum post or am I just special?

There are import margin issues still. But to get your margins back to whatever length you want you are going to use the ruler at the top of the editor. Use Ctrl-A to select all the text and then drag the top of the two arrows on the left side of the ruler. You can drag it to the right as deep as you want your indentation, and it will re-indent all of your text for you.

Thank you!!! That works, yes! I can change the font size at the same time.

Now, that brings up another interesting thing. When I use the Font - Bigger/Smaller from the menu, the Bigger causes the font to get so tiny, you have to use a magnifying glass and the Smaller does the same thing.