Left margin

Good morning,
I think my question is very simple but I didn’t find the solution …
I importe some text from other software by copy-past.
And yet I have some parts of my text in Scrivener with a biggest margin on the left (2cm more) and I don’t find the way to change it . I would like to have the same margin for all the text, for all my paragraphs …
Thank you if it is possible helping :slight_smile:

Most formatting can be cleaned up with a few simple tools designed just for that. They are covered in this knowledge base article.

Tables are thing that won’t clean out with that command, and particularly “invisible” ones can influence the layout of text in mysterious ways. To see if tables are a problem, use the View ▸ Text Editing ▸ Show Invisible menu command, and look for blue rectangles around blocks of text. If you see those and you don’t want table formatting, right-click and access the “Remove Table” function from the tables submenu.