Left nav--not able to order things

Sorry if this isn’t a bug, or if it’s been posted… I went through a few pages in the forum, and wasn’t sure what I should search under exactly. I’ve been trying to move folders around in the left nav, and they keep not going where I want them. If I try to put something at the top, where you might want chapter 1 to go, it often jumps to the very bottom, or ends up as a sub-folder of the first folder. And if it winds up as a sub folder, it seems to be quite hard to get it back out. Also, if I want to create a Part I, and then have chapters, and then have scenes, the Part 1 seems to keep moving to the bottom, even beneath the research folder, and every time I try to move it back up, it jumps around somewhere where I don’t want it, either as a subfolder as something, or, again, to the bottom. This could be because I’m new to Scriv in general and not very good with it yet. But maybe it’s a bug and I should say something. Anyhow, it doesn’t seem to be working as easily as I’m used to in, say, Outlook, or OneNote. Maybe adding the ability to right-click and move that way would help? (Everything in Windows is right-clickable, so we’re all trained to expect that as a back-up if drag and drop misses the target.)

Thanks for listening in case this is a stupid user trick. :\

To clear things up, it LOOKS like the problem may have been that I didn’t click “included in draft” in the inspector for some of the files. Then they didn’t want to move around properly in the left-nav. At least that’s my theory. I’ll see if it holds up.

I didn’t click this because I was afraid this would mess things up on the compile. I assumed that if I included something in draft, like a folder that was just a container for subdocs… say, Part I, with no text of its own, that would be weird when it compiled. But maybe not. But I’m just figuring all this out and eventually I’ll be an expert. :slight_smile:

“Included in draft” shouldn’t make any difference to where you can place an item in the Binder–the only rules there, really, are that only text documents can go in the Draft folder. Playing around with it a little, it does seem like it can be a little tricky to navigate using the mouse, depending on what your Binder looks like, but you can always use ctrl+arrow keys to move your items around, and that’s working reliably for me. (There’s also the menu option via Documents>Move but that seems like a lot of work when you could just use the keyboard.)

The trick with the mouse is to watch how the items get highlighted. If there’s a blue box around a document, then when you drop the item you’re dragging it will end up as a subdocument to that boxed item; to place the file in between others without making it a subdoc you need to just get a single line, but it’s remarkably hard to do. Try dragging a little further to the left and it ought to switch from a box to a line, but if you drag too far it will disappear completely. Tricksy. :wink: This might be something that gets further developed; in the Mac version, for example, there’s an option to have a modifier key disallow drop-ons, so you don’t accidentally make an item a subdocument.


Try moving things around by clicking them and using “ctrl + arrows”.

Left and right will bring them in or out the upper level.
Up and down will order them exactly as you wish.

The only thing is that, using up and down when folders are open, you will be sometimes moving a file out of sight. Simply scoll in the binder and watch where they go…