"Leftovers" in DropBox? (Sync issues)


First, THANK YOU Keith & Co for finally bringing Scrivener to iOS! It’s been a very long time waiting… :smiley:

Second, found some odd behavior when I did some some initial test-syncing today between my Mac MBP (Scrivener v2.8) / iOS iPad4 Retina / iOS iPhone 6+.

The first sync issue - not cleaning up old projects
I believe this is just something you have not got around to fixing or rather code clean yet…

a) When changing a project filename directly in the dropbox folder on my Mac, it “leaves” the old filename behind in an old file and I guess creates an new filename for the project. This is simply a “tiding” code issue.

b) But when syncing against the same dropbox folder (Scrivener default sync-folder) from my iOS devices it shows 2 projects instead of 1. Both the old name and the new name.

c) And when trying to opening the old name project file on iOS, it says “Invalid project… valid binder…”. But the new name projekt file works ok.

The second sync issue - document naming
This could potentially create a big mess of project files if this is not fixed soon…

a) When opening the above sync-test project on my Mac directly from the dropbox Scrivener sync folder, it does not show the correct name of the testdokument (project name is ok though).

b) In my case it should be named “Testar synken via dropbox” as on my iOS devices, but its called “Untitled Document” on my Mac instead.

c) When renaming the testdocument on my Mac and syncing iOS devices, it shows the correct name on all devices.

d) FYI: also tested to rename the testdocument on my iPad and it was reflected (after sync) on alla devices.

Let me know if you need some more feedback on this. I’m about to test syncing a real book project now… (backing up first!)

Happy (iOS) Coding :slight_smile:

Update - deleting projects:
I could remove project files from my Mac and it was also removed from the iOS devices. Works fine! :slight_smile:

Update - open projects:
It seems like you need to have projects closed on the iOS device for them to sync properly. Otherwise they don’t bring the sync changes on the first sync attemp from the iOS device (from within an open project file). But the second time I sync (with a closed project on iOS) it syncs just fine.