Legally purchased key from offiical store listed as Blacklisted.

Hi there. Decided with New Years and all to buy this. Bought my key from the main store, tried logging in with the key.

It’s been blacklisted, so right now this is a waste of money. What do I do? Can’t contact the support because it’s off until the 4th Jan, and I need this fixed ASAP.

Unless you’ve used up your entire 30 day trial allowance already, you should still be able to use Scrivener even if it’s not accepting the licence. The trial version isn’t limited in any way so you’re not missing anything while you’re waiting for the problem to be resolved.

I had used up my trial period a long time back so right now I cannot use it at all :frowning:

There’s a note to send them an email marked “[URGENT]” or something like that, see the post that speaks of them being off until Thursday.

I did. Hopefully they reply.

It’s irritating because I have to use this link to even browse the catalog, because the usual link just refuses to load for me, on all browsers. … atalog.htm

This is such a mess. All I want to do is use Scrivener :frowning:

Ugh, hoping this can be sorted ASAP. anybody got any ideas? Atm I can’t even use it :frowning:

Please send an email to our support address, with [URGENT] in the subject line. We’ll need enough information to verify your purchase, so it’s better handled that way than through the forum.


I sent an email yesterday and got an email to send my C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts. file, which I’ve done so. Just waiting on a reply.