Lengthy Compile Duration with MMD

I have a binder with about 30-35 documents. In total, when exported, it is about 1.2MB worth of text. When I compile to HTML using Scrivener, it takes about five seconds on my MacBook Pro with 2GB RAM. When I compile using MMD->HTML it takes 3-5 minutes. I know MMD is doing more processing, but… just wondering if this is normal.


3-5 minutes does sound a bit long, but yes it can take a while. Watch Scrivener’s progress bar as it compiles. It will switch bar styles—this shows when it goes from Scrivener’s internal compile to MMD. You could try exporting just a plain MMD file and running it manually on the command line to make sure it isn’t Scrivener’s fault. I cannot think of any reason why it would be though.

Yep, it takes almost no time for Scrivener: The bulk of the time is in when it looks like a candy cane.

There’s a lot of discussion about Markdown’s processing time. Since MMD is basically Markdown with extra features, it takes even longer to process.

If I recall correctly, this processing is not linear in proportion to the length of the document, but actually more like exponential. In other words, it takes more than twice as long to process a document that is twice the size as the reference document.

There are other Markdown programs that are faster, but they don’t have the features that MultiMarkdown has.

So, yes this is normal, and yes, it could be better. Perhaps one day it will.