Leopard & 1.1 = updated project is blank

I have a project that comes up fine in 1.03, updated to 1.1, it says it is updating the project and then nothing. No project window. When you open the project from the file menu the project comes up without anything in any of the panes. Tried opening the backup up in 1.03 and it works fine fortunately. The file after conversion is still over 450KB in size but nothing shows. All but the add and keywords buttons are grayed out. When I click on keywords two of my character named key words are there but nothing else. HELPPPP…

I will try and delete all the scrivener related files and reinstall and see if there is any difference when I get home. I am using a 2 GB intel Blackbook, and will try it on my PowerPC mini as well. But if you have any ideas I will try them before all this if you get a reply in as I will check back here before proceeding. I live an hour and a half from work so there is a chance.


Please send the project to support AND literatureandlatte DOT com. I’ve had another similar report. You can always make a copy of the project and garble the text in 1.03 if you don’t want me to read it. :slight_smile:

I believe Keith meant to write support AT literatureandlatte DOT com

Yeah I assumed that and sent the file. There really wasn’t as much work in it as I thought as I by hand last night cut and pasted it into the new version from the old version. But hopefully Keith can use it to see if there is a condition that this occurs in and correct it for future updates. It was good to get back into the story last night and I have already moved beond where it was at in the small file I sent him.

Thanks for your work Keith.